Alonzo Game

Welcome to play this clicking game!
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Alonzo is the yellow fellow in the clicking game.
Here's are the introduction of Alonzo clicking game!
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This is my interesting design that I made because this game would be similar to other game on the websites. In this game, you can follow the direction of the game in order to see the action of Alonzo.

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#1 When you press "A" key on the keyboard, Alonzo will says " I am strong. ^.^". It will move to random position with sounds.
Then, every two seconds moves to random position without clicking, and Alonzo will be bigger with many clones.

#2 When you press "Space" key on the keyboard, Alonzo will set size to 100%. The same size Alonzo when you open it.

#3 When you press "1" key on the keyboard, Alonzo will clear graphic effects. It will remove the ghost of Alonzo.

#4 When you click on Alonzo, you will hear the sounds.

#5 When you press "b" on the keyboard, it would moves to the random position and change ghost every 2 seconds. If you want to remove the clone of Alonzo, press the red button on the right side of the top.

#6 When you left click on Alonzo, the score would start to calculate, and the Alonzo would rotate around on random postion.

#7 When you click on green flat, Alonzo's position and score reset.

I like this clicking game because it made by my own with the knowledges of codes.